Dutch Oven 6.5 Quarts, Red


The PADERNO Dutch Oven, 6.5 Qt, Red, boasts a durable cast iron construction with a chip resistant enamel finish, providing superior heat distribution and retention for even cooking. The unique shape provides exceptional cooking performance and ease of handling, while its versatile lid shape allows for dynamic venting. Designed with a stainless steel knob.

    Technical Details
    • Durable cast iron construction and chip resistant enamel finish
    • Unique shape for cooking performance and ease of handling
    • Versatile lid shape for dynamic venting
    • Stainless steel knob
    • Colour: Red
    • Size: 6.5 Quarts
    • Height: 17.8 cm; Length: 32.4 cm; Width: 32.3 cm

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