Poêle à frire classique, 20 cm


Poêle à frire PADERNO classique dotée d’une surface antiadhésive idéale pour saisir, brunir, sauter et frire les aliments sur la cuisinière

  • En aluminium forgé très épais pour une durabilité supérieure
  • Surface antiadhésive en quantanium sans APFO offrant un système de 3 couches renforcées de titane pour un rendement durable et un dégagement simple des aliments
  • Revêtement extérieur résistant à la chaleur
  • Poignée demeurant froide
  • Compatible avec toutes les cuisinières, même les cuisinières à induction
Détails techniques
  • Very heavy gauge aluminum forged construction for superior durability
  • PFOA-free Quantanium non-stick surface: a 3-coat system reinforced with titanium for lasting performance and easy release
  • Heat resistant exterior coating on frypan
  • Soft touch stay cool handle
  • Compatible on all stovetops, including induction
  • Diameter: 20 cm (8”)

Customer Reviews

Based on 265 reviews
Chinese, not Canadian.

Cheep Chinese crap for a premium “Canadian” price. They say they are proudly Canadian but their “classic” pans are all made in china. So not Canadian, clearly false advertising. Pans don’t last more than a year or two like all other cheap Chinese pans from other company’s for 1/4 the price. Pans can’t be used over low temps or voids warranty, so no searing of any kind, no preheating. So what’s the point of the warranty if everything voids it???? No service options, just throw the pan out. Warranty people abrupt and rude.

Bottom line don’t waste your money for “Canadian” products that are not.

J. Bosworth
not impressed - it stuck from day one

I tried frying an egg on the pan the first time I used it - and it stuck. If I'm not supposed to use oil spray, and then will need oil to fry an egg - then what is the point of this expensive pan?

Good value

Nice size for a small pan, sturdy, and cleans easily.

Bernhard R
Scratches easily

Works well but it scratches very easily

Love Paderno

I have purchased Paderno cook wear in the past and absolutely love it!! Nothing sticks and very easy clean up! Got it on sale for an amazing price too!