Service de couverts Summerside Champagne, fini mat, 20 pièces


Service de couverts Summerside Champagne au fini mat de PADERNO qui ajoute de l’élégance et de la splendeur à toute table à dîner

  • Comprend 4 couteaux de table, 4 fourchettes à salade, 4 fourchettes, 4 cuillères à soupe et 4 cuillères à thé
  • Va au lave-vaisselle
  • En acier inoxydable au fini PVD 18/0 résistant à la corrosion
  • Fini de qualité supérieure qui protège contre la décoloration de la couleur et des matériaux
  • Garantie à vie limitée



Détails techniques
  • Corrosion-resistant 18/0 PVD finish stainless steel
  • Premium finish protects against fading
    Set includes: 4 Dinner Knives, 4 Salad Forks, 4 Dinner Forks, 4 Dinner Spoons, and 4 Teaspoons
Conseils d'entretien
  • Dishwasher safe

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Jan F
Inferior surface quality

Three sets of this very unique and attractive cutlery were gifted to family members at Christmas. Sadly, its surface finish did not stand up to family use for even three months and had to be returned.

Dont use dishwasher

If I could give this a zero I would. Had purchased 2 sets and the color turned bright gold because of dishwasher. Paderno replaced both sets with the same set. Now a year and half later half of my cutlery has a rainbow effect on them, with some pieces where the color has washed off completely.

Very disappointed

My wife and I invested in over $600 worth of this cutlery and we are about a year and a half in of ownership and almost all the gold coating is gone or badly discolored. Very dispointed in this set especially since it was mostly just the two of us using them. Do not recommended!


I also have the same issue as the other person. I bought 3 sets and love the colour but unfortunately they are tarnished and look terrible now. I would not recommend this set.

Poor Quality

I got these for Christmas and was sooo excited about them - they are beautiful! But literally after 2 washes in the dishwasher (they claim to be dishwasher safe) they started losing the gold!! Absolutely brutal and Im so disappointed.