Neoprene Palm Oven Mitt, Charcoal

The PADERNO Neoprene Palm Oven Mitt, Charcoal, protects your hands from high heat, while its stylish design matches any kitchen décor. Featuring non-slip grip for safe and secure handling. 
    Technical Details
    • Protects hands from high heat
    • Non-slip grip for safe and secure handling
    • Stylish design matches any kitchen décor
    • Colour: Charcoal

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Brenda S
    Good product - just not right for our household

    Please take this as a fair review. They didnt work for our household but they may work for you. These are not as functional as I would have liked. The design of the hand makes it tricky to use. I am more used to the mitten style. They are long on the forearm as well so they did feel restricted and awkward.

    The fabric and construction is great. They definitely protect against the heat. If this style is something that you are comfortable with then absolutely buy them.

    Long skinny arms would work well

    They are to long in the arm area so hard to get fingers to the mit part

    Low maximum temperature

    I usually just use the gloves to take the pan out of the oven and put it on the stove but I noticed that when the gloves stay in contact with the pan for anything more than a few seconds they will melt a bit and stick to the pan.

    Paderno Oven Mitts

    Great oven mitts. Length is great for those of us with long arms

    Neoprene melts at lower than rated temperatures

    As with the other reviewer our gloves are also melting and smoking after picking up sheet pans from the oven at as low as 400F. Not celcius. Farenheit. I know that ovens can vary in the temperature range when they cycle on and off but not that much. Or at least I don't think so. Avoid and buy something else unless you enjoy the smell of burning plastic while cooking/baking.